Welcome to the buildingSMART Professional Certification Entry Level!

A stepping-stone towards Professional Certification in openBIM

The “Entry” level introduces the built asset industry, digitalization and openBIM® in a simple and straight forward manner. buildingSMART provides a free online education and examination platform, aimed at individuals who have little or no experience with BIM and openBIM® principles.


After completing the Entry level, you may wish to continue your education journey through Foundation to the Management and Practitioner levels (click here for further details)

Self-based learning

buildingSMART provides a free, online, self-paced training and examination platform program. The core learning content can be covered in about half an hour, and there is additional content provided for those who wish to deepen their knowledge.

Online exam

After completing the training, you will be directed to the exam website. This requires you to create an account and log-in to the buildingSMART Qualification platform.

  • The 10-question exam must be completed within 10 minutes.
  • Successful participants will receive an "Entry” level e-badge.
  • Students who do not pass the exam, can retake it the following day, with a maximum of three (3) attempts allowed.

Course structure

The Entry level training has three modules, each comprised of 5-6 learning outcomes. On the left side of your screen, you will see the menu bar which lists the modules and learning outcomes. You can read the content consecutively or jump back and forth between sections, using the menu bar links.

The core content is provided by way of text, images and video.

Additional learning content including links and other resources is provided in each section as a drop-down menu. Knowledge of this content is not required for the exam but provides further insight for those who wish to deepen their knowledge.

At the end of each section (learning objective) there is a short summary of the main points learnt.