What do you learn?

The Foundation learning outcome framemwork (LOF) is one of the core components of the Professional Certification Program.
It contains 5 main learning modules based on international standards.

An additional 6th leaning module (national content) is available for Australasia, Benelux, China, France and the United Kingdom & Ireland Chapters. Please check with the local Chapter or local provider for more information.

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the definition, key terminologies and benefits of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

1.1 Define the drivers that have led to BIM
1.2 Define BIM
1.3 Identify and Define key BIM terminology
1.4 Know the information management maturity stage, according to ISO 19650-1
1.5 Define what constitutes an Information Model

2. Recognise the advantages of BIM compared to traditional project delivery
2.1 Know why collaborative and new ways of working are required
2.2 Identify the effects of poor information management on projects
2.3 Identify the processes and standards developed to mitigate poor information
2.4 Identify the benefits of BIM for design and construction professionals
2.5 Identify the benefits of BIM for facility owners and operators

3. Understand project information management, with BIM, according to the ISO 19650 series
3.1 Understand why appointing parties need to clearly define their requirements
3.2 Understand the content and value of a BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
3.3 Know why consistent information exchanges are required
3.4 Identify the key elements and benefits of using a Common Data Environment (CDE)
3.5 Know why clearly defined information management roles are required
3.6 Know why assessing potential supply chain members before appointment is required

4. Recognise the need for open and interoperable solutions
4.1 Know what buildingSMART is and what it represents
4.2 Define openBIM® and its benefits compared to using proprietary solutions
4.3 Know what Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) is and its benefits
4.4 Know what Model View Definition (MVD) are and their benefits
4.5 Know what Information Delivery Manual (IDM) are and their benefits
4.6 Know what the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is and its benefits
4.7 Know what BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) is and its benefits

5. Understand the terms and measures of BIM capability within an organisation
5.1 Understand the potential benefits for a company in adopting BIM
5.2 Understand the factors that define an organisation’s level of BIM Maturity
5.3 Know why BIM adoption needs to align to organisational goals
5.4 Identify the benefits and challenges to BIM adoption
5.5 Know what the data security implications are for adopting BIM

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