About the Program

buildingSMART Professional Certification exists to support training organisation to deliver internationally standardised and recognised training content. buildingSMART will not be delivering training itself, but will be defining learning outcomes and managing the approval of training providers and the testing and qualification of individuals.

The Program goals are:

  • To standardise and promote openBIM training content
  • To support and accredit training organisations
  • To test and certify individuals


Who is the Program aimed at?


This Program is designed with our industry professionals foremost in mind. Individuals are invited to attend a buildingSMART approved course of their choosing. Upon successful completion of the training, the participant can undertake the online assessment to become buildingSMART Qualified.


  • Standardised training content based on latest international standards and best practices.
  • A globally recognised qualification and mark of quality assurance.
  • A simple, fast and secure online testing and qualification process.

Industry Organisations

Employers wishing to upskill their staff can be assured that buildingSMART approved courses will reflect the very best in international openBIM principles. Organisations operating in multiple countries can benefit from training that is consistent in content across country borders and is internationally recognised.


  • Train your staff in accordance with an internationally recognised benchmark.
  • Benefit from standardised training irrespective of the training institute or the country in which the training is delivered.
  • Demonstrate your organisations BIM competency for project acquisition with the buildingSMART qualification of your staff.

Training organisations

Training organisations can join the Program through their local Chapter. By adopting the localised learning framework, training partners can have their courses ‘buildingSMART approved’. Organisations can also benefit from training material, seminars and on-going support provided by the chapter team.



  • Kick-start your course content development by using the buildingSMART learning framework.
  • Ensure your course is up to date and reflective of best practices.
  • Benefit from the learning guidelines and support mechanisms from the local chapter.
  • Brand your course as ‘buildingSMART registered’.

buildingSMART Chapters

The program is managed and operated at a national level through the local Chapters. Chapters engage with their local industry and adapt the learning framework for country-specific requirements. In addition, local Chapters can support training partners in correctly structuring their courses and ultimately approving their learning content. The assessment and qualification of individuals is also managed through the local Chapter.


  • Easy to adopt Program based on the standardised buildingSMART learning framework and support material
  • Online platform is fully developed and requires only minimal local customisation before use.
  • Strengthen relationships with your members.
  • Establish a steady source of income.